Astralagus Root Powder, 75g
  • Astralagus Root Powder, 75g

Astralagus Root Powder, 75g

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Astralagus root powder herb is a good immune booster, heart tonic and helps with the management of diabetes and anaemia. Taking Astralagus tea also increases blood cell count, improves immunity, aids adrenal gland function and digestion, increases metabolism, promotes healing and provides energy to combat fatigue and prolonged stress.

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Asparagus root is indigenous to Europe, Western Siberia, the Middle East and Northern Africa and it has grown rapidly to some other places and has become well-known as an elegant vegetable that it is recently cultivated in almost every part of the world. 

The asparagus root is known by the names Sparrowgrass, Shatavari, and Tien Men Tong.  It is particularly a grand perennial plant that has a sweet edible stalks or shoots that are green with either a white or a reddish-blue tinge.  This plant has a short, horizontal rootstock having long, thick roots, and it sends up its young shoots that are commonly taken as vegetables. 

The most common parts of the asparagus plant that are used medicinally are specifically the roots, shoots, as well as the seeds.  The asparagus root, which is the most commonly used part for medical purposes, is largely consist of the plant’s fresh underground shoots along with the roots and rhizome.  These sources are dug up and air dried in autumn. It is highly considered that the asparagus root and seeds are sometimes applied as flavorings in some alcoholic beverages. 

The asparagus root just like the other herbs, has several crucial functions.  Historically, the asparagus root has been applied to heal some ailments like toothaches, cancer, parasites and rheumatism.  It is, in fact, noted that some of the traditional Chinese healers used the asparagus root to treat cough, dry mouth and throat, and constipation. 

As it is widely known, the asparagus root is a mild diuretic, which largely draws amounts of water from the system and increases the urination.  As such, the asparagus root is then believed to give relief to urinary tract infection and kidney malfunctions.  In fact, some reports and researches conducted to study the number of health benefits of asparagus root have supported such claim, and found out that it really functions as mild diuretic.  With such findings, the Commission E monographs, Germany’s extensive catalog of herbal medicines are greatly noted to have specifically recommended the use of asparagus root for such purposes.

Aside from such facts, the asparagus root is also composed of substances that known as saponins, which are thought to have antibiotic properties.  And there are some test tube studies which demonstrate that asparagus root may even contain cancer-fighting properties.  Particularly, the asparagus root is thought to aid in easing the urinary tract inflammation, and preventing painful kidney stones, due to its being diuretic. 

In terms of its application, many experts recommended some tips for the proper application of this herb.  It’s mainly suggested that when using the supplement as a diuretic, drinking plenty of water will help literally in flushing the urinary tract.  It is just then necessary to understand the proper instructions for taking it in order to get the best result.  Today, there is still no related supplement or nutrient interactions to that of the asparagus root.

Perhaps one of the interesting outcomes of taking the supplement could be a distinct smell in the urine, which turns out to be harmless. 


Finally, it is also necessary to know that if you have fluid retention from kidney disorder or heart disease, taking the medicinal strength of asparagus root is not applicable for it may only worsen the condition.  

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